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Our Production


God's of Ages

Full-length animated film and game


Comedy, cartoon/animated movie, drama.

Est. Running Time:

78 min


Oli - is a ghost. He lives a simple and measured… “after-life”, outside people`s regular realms. But one day, his life, his “after-life” changed dramatically; their village is attacked by the troops of the ancient god Hades, who is looking for new recruits to his “dark” army. His parents were taken away... His village was burned... He has to return everything… Will he fulfill his destiny?

Despite its playful mood and emphasis on the lore of a particular game, there is a much deeper thought into the plot. The main idea is about the purpose of a person, his place in life, about fate and its irreversibility. We are trying, in simple terms, to convey to a wide audience (including children) such complex philosophical concepts as "soul", "fate", "death". Throughout the film, the main character - ghost Oli, is trying to fix the terrible events that happened to his family. Simultaneously learning more about the world around and how it works. Just as it is done by children and young people who have just "come" into this world. His adventure is full of dangers, but also beckons with new, never before seen opportunities and sensations. This is a new round in his life, which should lead him to the understanding of it’s essence. His real self. His destiny. The themes touched upon in the cartoon will definitely find points of contact with the experiences of modern youth, who strive for freedom and individual independence. The protagonist is not omnipotent at all. He is just a "cog" in the big game of the "great gods" - but at some point, the fate of the universe, its future depends on him. Perhaps this is his fate?

Primary characters

OLI - Oli, obviously – is a ghost, who lives outside people`s regular realms. But despite this, he has all the features of a good and kind human person. He sympathizes with those who need help, Oli is very empathetic. In this “afterlife”, he even has parents whom he values very much. The "life" of a ghost is not much different from the life of ordinary mortals: they live, they even can die… again.


Pi - She was the one who supported and helped Oli throughout the journey. She's the one who pulled him out of seemingly deadly and impossible situations. Oli's beloved – ghost Pi

Pi has a cat - Flafа, who, in principle, took over the traits of the hostess, without being afraid of monsters, went after Pi and Oli. This is a very curious cat that, like Oli, is capable of getting into various silly situations.


Athena is the goddess of wisdom, military strategy and tactics. Patroness of cities and states, sciences and craftsmanship, intelligence, skill, ingenuity - Zeus got an incredibly strong ally in the person of his daughter! At the same time, she is Poseidon's direct competitor for power, which will definitely cause a conflict between them ... Or is it not so simple?


Zeus is the God of thunder and lightning, harbinger of the future, protector of the offended! The ruler of Olympus! He earned formidable fame for being a just but cruel ruler ... This is not surprising, given the fact that his father, Kronos, tried to eat him when he was a baby. His punishing hand always finds the guilty, and his word is a law. Nobody dared to contradict him ... Until now.


Poseidon is the supreme sea god. Brother of Zeus. Like his brother, he is the bearer of a cruel unstoppable force, but at the same time he is more furious and unrestrained. His power is great and just, extending wherever the great and mighty ocean is.


Hades is the God of the underworld, King of the dead, the elder brother of Zeus and Poseidon. Known to mere mortals as invisible, unknown, mysterious and gloomy force. Surprisingly, among all the brother-gods, he is the most calm and even affable god ... After all, death awaits each of us. His thoughts are vague, motives are hidden ... What made him rebel against his brother?

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